'Your Sun Melted Till Being Shapeless Illusion'
'Your Sun Melted Till Being Shapeless Illusion' is a thought-provoking art photographic project by Sharaf Naghiyeva, an artist hailing from the South Caucasus. With a profound focus on exploring the intricacies of understanding the world, Sharaf deliberately blurs the boundaries between perception and reality in her work.
Through the intentional use of out-of-focus techniques, the artist challenges the very concept of sharing perspectives. The project aims to illuminate the inherent contradictions and ambiguities that emerge when attempting to convey one's worldview. By presenting images that lack sharpness and clarity, Sharaf prompts viewers to question the reliability and subjectivity of their own perceptions.
Embedded within her photography are traces of Sharaf's dreams, childhood traumas, fears, and memories. As these personal narratives are unveiled, they morph into ethereal, indistinct images. The viewer is thus entrusted with the task of constructing and envisaging the intricate details of the stories being communicated, underscoring the subjective nature of storytelling and memory.'Your Sun Melted Till Being Shapeless Illusion' serves as a catalyst for introspection, encouraging viewers to question the very fabric of their understanding, unveils a world where certainties dissolve, leaving room for profound contemplation on the fluidity of perception and the enigmatic essence of truth.
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