There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.

The main point of film for me, besides its visual qualities, is that it teaches you to slow down. Teaches you to freeze the moment that is uncatchable. Teaches you be slower than that uncatchable moment itself. I started this project by limiting myself to one roll of Kodak Portra 400. To catch precious uncatchable moments.
I shot for one month attentively watching the reality.

The second main point of film for me, besides its unpredictable surprises, is the feeling of anticipation that it gives you while you are waiting for your scans.

And then, after all, you get your scans and find out that you have caught different personalities, all alter-egos of beautiful human being - Emin Mathers.
After I decided to collect here film portraits of Emin that I am still making. To preserve all those magical moments that we live together. To make them eternal and live them again whenever I want to feel them.
Sahil 2020
Nabran, 2021
Istanbul, 2020
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