of self-acquaintance

Photography gives the opportunity to see the world from a distance, outside the situation or event, completely indifferent and not involved in it. Since I started taking photographs, I want to see myself this way, take portraits of myself "from the outside".
This ongoing project is an intention to see myself from those sides that were previously inaccessible to me because of some patterns, stereotypes and habits. Finally get to know my outer shell, accept and love it. Starting from January 1 till the feeling that the project is finished I am going to take a new point of view to myself, and as a result, a new self portrait.
Hey. My name is Sharaf, I am 31 and I am really happy to meet and get to know you.


I started this project on 1 and finished on 31 January. I took a self-portrait every day for a month. And thanks to it - I saw myself from the outside, with all the advantages and disadvantages. It helped me see my complexes, work through them and accept myself for who I am. Get rid of the long-term husk of false standards and stereotypes. I saw myself changing, at first hiding my face behind lots of veils, then, by the end of the project, sincerely showing, accepting and loving it.

By starting this project, I made myself a gift for my 31st birthday.

When it comes to the person himself, it is very difficult to go beyond the established and cultivated by society standards. By my example, I proved, first of all, to myself, that beauty is naturalness, disengagement. And if your natural state is chapped lips and gnawed nails, then you should find beauty in this. Natural course of events - that is harmony and beauty.
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