is the lockdown's post scriptum story about people coming back to their usual life, but now after they had time to pause and re-think their values and their own identity, life in THE OFFICE shall never be the same again...
Office here is a symbol of a system of rules, a mould you are expected to fit in. The film is about the real importance of friendship, parenthood, self love, freedom of belief and self expression, the real value of "beauty is in diversity".


- Photographs were made without posing during the video shooting.

- MMMDN announced an online call for models, reviewed 208 applications and held 49 interviews to choose 7 new talented faces.

- The film was shot entirely on Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone.

- Soundtrack for THE OFFICE was discovered through Ukrainian Youtube-show and belongs to Tashkent based musician
Sipe / Alexander Panov

- Kamilla Gurbanova was invited to be a part of Sharaf Naghiyeva's "A letter to the future generation" photography project.
Link to video: IGTV

Clothing & accessories: @mmmdnofficial
Shoes: @taccopertutti

Kamila Gurbanova
Fidan Rimazi-Aliyeva
Ryan Aliyev
Elmir Zeynalov
Almaz Huseynova
Emin Alili
Firdus Gojamanly
Asya Gasanova
Mina Mamedsoy

Stylist: Murad Valiyev
Hair: Irina Babayeva
MUA: Sakina Mustafayeva

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