Feeling Blue
What is the source of the human desire to point fingers and condemn what he does not understand? What to do to prevent this from happening? The fight against ignorance is the same fight. Therefore, the best way to show your attitude in my case is to say about it with the help of a photograph. If it responds to you - share, let different people see and think.
The last days I spent in the kitchen, taking pictures of beautiful blue-haired people, asking why in the 21st century not everyone learned to live without getting into someone else's business, body, thoughts.
There were many words, many emotions, here are the excerpts that I want to share with you:
"My husband says: they condemn, because they themselves do not allow themselves this"
"People fly into space, and we are discussing such idiotic things here."
"I teach my son to express himself: if he wants to draw cars on his hands and go to kindergarten like that, this is his way of expressing himself."
"Sometimes you have to shout to be heard."
"Look inside yourself. Understand what you are so afraid of, that you are not at ease with what others are doing to themselves and their bodies. "
"You need to go beyond, understand what you want, be firm and defend your right to do so. Even eyes, of an unusual shape, like hair of a unusual color, can cause questions. "
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