A Letter to Future Generations
This project is a part of my long term self identification. I use photography to answer the questions and I share the answers I get to let the people know that they are not alone in their path.
There can not be any self identification without acceptance of your own roots.

So seven modern azerbaijani women put on old fashioned clothes and jewelry which the previous generations used to wear and discussed with me their path of separation.
Some of them didn't find anything old to wear, some of them took the old clothes off during the conversation, some of them carefully cherished them till the end. All of the seven women wrote a letter to the future generations where they shared experience in a few pieces of advice.

So did I.

The main answer that I got during the project is "Be there, be present, check the relevance of the information you get for yourself. It is you and only you who decide whether it is comfortable for you to walk in your mom's shoes or not."

"a letter" photography exhibition

is a photography exhibition of two Azerbaijani women photographers
Sharaf Naghiyeva and Fidan Nazimqizi presented by f3.7 union and
curated by Emin Mathers. In this exhibition they are going to share
the letters from past and to the future.
"a letter" to Future Generations from visitor
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